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INTERSOG is an IT outsourcing company, offering top-quality software development, outsourcing and out-staffing services in the Ukraine.  We follow both traditional and custom IT outsourcing models:

- project-based services, time and material projects

- custom dedicated IT department in our nearshore and offshore development centres

INTERSOG provides IT outsourcing services in e-commerce, automotive, manufacturing, education, entertainment, and gaming industries. We help startups as well as established companies in four major business areas:

- product development - custom software programming - mobile application development - games design and production

Established in 2005 and headquartered in Chicago, INTERSOG employs more than 200 professionals in its 5 offices in the USA, Canada and Ukraine. Fostering a familial corporate culture, inclusive of staff and clients, we are proud of low turnover rates, high company morale and steadfast clients. Clients' Product Managers are welcomed into the INTERSOG family and spend time not only working but visiting and socializing with their teams, creating a synergistic situation appreciated by management and executives on both sides. We've been loyal to our client base over many years and their references differentiate us as a dependable and forward thinking full-cycle software development company and design studio, that is able to work on projects from the ground up with complete technical, QA, and design support.