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"EKTOS -UKRAINE" LLC, branch of Danish company EKTOS A/S, is one-stop provider for complete electronics hardware and software design solutions services. EKTOS company provides development effort for international customers around the world.    We develop projects in the following areas: Energy management systems (including nuclear power plants applications), Climate control systems, General purpose control and automation systems, complex automotive solutions for agriculture machinery.     We have:    - full cycle of embedded solution development, from schematic to deployment of developed solutions on customer side;    - projects based on modern variety of MCUs (AVR32, ARM7, ARM9, Cortex M0-M9). From 8-bit AVRs and PICs to 32-bit multi-core processors like Cortex A8 and FPGA-based designs;    - high skilled, friendly professional team.                 We offer:    - interesting innovating projects;    - possibility for professional and career growth;    - competitive salary;    - corporate medical insurance;    - modern office with perfect technical equipment;    - corporate events.    If you are looking for possibilities to be part of friendly  professional embedded crew - you are welcome to join us!    Let`s move ahead together!