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Promova is a translation and localization company providing full scope of language-related services ranging from translation and proofreading to DTP and linguistic testing. With us you can be sure that all your requirements are fulfilled, and no detail is left without attention. We are constantly improving to meet our clients' needs and are eager to face new challenges in the ever-evolving market of linguistic services.

We have adapted the work process so as to ensure conformance to all world standards in translation and localization, and also created some internal procedures of quality control. Effective project management allows us handling almost any project within any time frame. We use various translation and localization tools to boost our productivity and ensure completeness of translation and uniformity of terminology.

Promova's technical department serves the base for all specific tasks ensuring that no file format, encoding, etc. will be an obstacle to accomplishing a project. Developing our own internal tools for project management, terminology and translation memories handling, backing up, etc. gives a significant advantage when working with long-term projects or with large volumes of data.