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ЮНИКВЕА Украина 

UNiQUARE is an established market leader and provider of premium standard software solutions for the financial services market in Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Based on our premium standard CRM-, Loan- and Teller- Software and our 150 pure banking specialists, we create process driven, valuable solutions for our customers and helping them to meet their most critical business issues.

Since its foundation in 1988 UNiQUARE is focusing exclusively on the banking and financial industry. With 95% export share UNiQUARE is acting worldwide with focus in D-A-CH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), Eastern Europe, MEA (Middle East and Africa) and Asia.

UNiQUARE solutions are utilized by more than 150.000 users and more than 1.500 bank institutes. UNiQUARE have been accumulating comprehensive financial industry know how and an outstanding expertise in software development.

Our 100% focus on one single industry enables us to understand the challenges of our customers and to develop outstanding software solutions meeting our customer’s needs. Besides focusing on common goals the development of valuable solutions requires intensive and effective cooperation, between UNiQUARE and its customers, but also within the company, within the involved teams.

The basis of this cooperation is mutual trust, which can only work if everybody can 100% rely on the commitment of his teammates and on the personal responsibility of each single employee. Headquarters is in Austria, subsidiaries in Ukraine.